NDP (Neighbourhood Development Plan – MHDC Adopted)

At its Council meeting on 24 September 2019 Malvern Hills District Council decided to “make” (adopt) the Broadwas and Cotheridge Neighbourhood Plan so that it is part of the statutory Development Plan for Malvern Hills District, sitting alongside the South Worcestershire Development Plan and other material consideration in determining planning applications in the parishes of Broadwas and Cotheridge.

To view the made Broadwas and Cotheridge Neighbourhood Plan and Decision Statement please follow the links below:

NDP (Neighbourhood Development Plan – The History)

In March 2017 the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Committee met with representatives of Data Orchard, a consultancy company.  The Committee was chaired by Jeff Guest. The project was launched to the public in May. In the summer, a questionnaire was delivered to every adult and the responses were analysed to form the basis of the NDP. Information has been available to all via Footprints (parish magazine), parish council updates, notice boards, a parish website, three ‘Drop In’ events at the Village Hall for people come and chat about the Plan and leafleting each property.

The whole idea of the plan is to allow development in a sustainable way whilst keeping the character of the villages and protecting the beauty of the locality.

Parishioners and appropriate external bodies had the opportunity to voice their opinions.  The issues raised were considered, and appropriate amendments made before we moved forward to the next stage, a Referendum for the parishioners.  A positive response then moved the proposed Plan to be authorised by MHDC.