Broadwas-on-Teme is blessed with a lovely Sports Ground, tucked away up Stoney Ley just off the A44.  The Village has developed an enviable reputation for lawn sports – particularly croquet, where it has attracted players from other local villages and now punches well above its weight in many of the Midland and Southwest regional croquet competitions. 

Now the Village is looking to excel at another lawn sport, Federation Bowls.  The game itself can be played on the same lawns as croquet, but woods, jacks and mats replace the mallets, hoops and coloured balls of croquet.  

Bowls is an easy game to pick up, though much, much harder to master and Broadwas’s gently sloping lawns add to the fun, though, a steady arm and good hand/eye coordination will always outsmart brute force.   

Bowls at Broadwas is very sociable and relaxed. What could be nicer after a Monday or Friday Evening Bowls Roll-up than to enjoy a few light refreshments in the pavilion with friends whilst watching the sun set over Ankerdine Hill.  

If you’d like to get involved at the beginning of the season, you could be playing Bowls at Broadwas as soon as the lawns are open in a couple of weeks or so.  

If you want to know more, then please get in touch with Chris Croft on 07919 400401 or 01886 821664 for a chat and a trial run.  Don’t leave it too long though: coaching is limited and starts as soon as the lawns dry out.  What’s more, interest could be widespread so we may need to introduce a policy of First-Come-First-Served.